Monday, January 27, 2014


Beware those who send out 'form newsletters' in the regular mail (most will arrive during the Christmas Season).  They unabashedly will boast of how incredibly well they and their families are doing:  All of their children are 'gifted', their income is commensurate to the jet setters of the world, and they donated to the poor and needy.

Me thinks thou doth protest too much!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Yuppettes... Stranger Than Fiction

I've seen it all this past season.  Mostly yuppie moms (but a few dads) who don't mind telling you how to 'better' run one's life.

 I received a lecture, from a mother of two, at a birthday party regarding the plastic garbage bags that I was using to contain the trash.  She insisted that I was further damaging the the ecology of the planet.  I'm not certain just what I was supposed to contain the trash with... perhaps a few thousand butterfly cocoons?  After lecturing me for almost ten minutes, she politely and in a most sophisticated way, excused herself to walk up to the parking lot to smoke a cigarette!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sad but True...

I had just received a letter from some 'princess' who voiced her opinion on the 'Bicker bicker blog. She thought that those type of meetings were quite reasonable, and said I was spoiled (but not in those words).

I guess that misery loves company, as they say for her. She probably spends her time serving on many 'important' social committees, whose sole business acumen is to determine what type of finger foods to serve at their next meeting!

The world is way too full of these 'pretentious yuppie erudites' who think that the universe revolves around them...Sad but true !

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bicker, Bicker...

After 41 years of owning 13 businesses, I have become fed up with associations. Now, you must understand that I have seen it all, from strip plaza associations to mall associations. They are a perfect microcosm of big Government politics. What a giant waste of time!

When leasing space in the sterile confines of a retail development, it is compulsory for each store owner to attend association meetings. I could go on and on with horror stories of (mostly women) bickering throughout the meetings (the men that willingly jump in to the squabble, may as well wear dresses, for they too can gossip and moan with the best of them).

Once, just before I walked out of an association meeting, they had gone from a 30 minute argument regarding what type of danish to serve (at these meetings), to (believe it or not), a 45 minute argument on whether or not to hire Barney (the purple dinosaur) to stand out on the street and wave to the passing cars. That dubious distinction went to the Merchants Association of Village West Plaza.

So, for those women (and women-like men) who each season insist on cajoling me into their petty groups, please understand this... I am (by your eruditic standards) a free spirit, even a tad bohemian. I will never again take part in a chamber meeting, a town meeting, or merchant association meeting. I leave those important resolutions of baked goods and barney's in your most capable hands.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bragging Rights...

We're Still Standing!

Like the Elton John Song: I'm Still Standing... It started with "Not In My House Fashion Boutique" (some 36 years ago), continued with Ultrasage, Starco Gems, Volcano, Stresstronics Inc., and now we have: The Town Of Dry Gulch and Crystal Chateau. We've outlasted "ALL" of the so-called competition!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Best Of The Best... (Field Trips)

I've spoken of the "Three Worst Field Trips", that, to this day, still blow my mind. Also agreeing with me are a multitude of other readers who have posted their comments (regarding the 'Three Worst Field Trips'). I would 'now' like to also give credit where credit is due to a few of the hundreds and hundreds of annual Field Trip Organizations who express admirable if not exemplary conduct.

~ Westfield Elementary (Mineral Minds): headed up by teachers, Mike Putney and Miss Kathy

~ Bemus Point Elementary: Jan Schauman, (teacher) and a host of teachers and chaperone's

~ Falconer Elementary Fenner, Carole Garrison (teacher)

~ Wattsburg Elementary: Sheri Hoffman, (teacher)

~ Cobham of Warren PA: Jamie Stright (loves it here so much that she brings the kids "Twice" each season!)

~ Corry Elementary: Karen Russell (teacher)

~ Corry YMCA: Michelle Brady (Child care co-ordinator)

~ Erie Camp Sherwin: Kristen Manslow (Child Care Co-ordinator)

~ Erie Eastside YMCA: Scott Gotham (Child Care Co-ordinator)

~ Harborcreek YMCA

~ Edinboro YMCA

~ Barb's Care-A-Lot: Harborcreek (over ten consecutive years of bringing the kids)

~ Findley Lake Day Care: Shauna Dobson (Owner)

~ Sinclairville Summer Rec: Andrea Gierlinger: (Counselor)

~ Sinclairville Elementary: Ken Lundmark (teacher)

~ Sherman Summer Rec: Barb Green and Cheryl (Counselor's) Six consecutive fun filled seasons)

~ TRZ Kidz: Lisa Lyon (Counselor)

The list goes on and on!

I have had these same same organizations come to Dry Gulch for years and years. They (teacher's, counselor's, chaperone's, and kids alike) have always demonstrated the utmost in courtesy and respect for the 'Dry Gulch Concept'. It is indeed a pleasure to work with them, and to watch the children grow.

Sheriff Bill